SFGA Club Membership Info & Application

Those seeking membership in the Scarborough Fish and Game Association (SF&G) must complete an Application for Membership. Applications may be downloaded from this web site or found in the entryway of the main clubhouse. An existing member must sponsor applicants into the club. Sponsors must be in good standing and have been a member for at least one full year.

Applicants who know an existing member willing to be your sponsor must have the application signed by this member. If Applicants do not know a member who will be a sponsor, please leave the sponsor section blank and include a small note attached to the application requesting one.

For those Applicants who do not know an existing member of SF&G, we are willing to consider your application for membership, and will do our best to find a member to spend time with you and bring you through the application process as your sponsor. Please understand we take the responsibility of sponsoring a member very seriously and that it may take a month or two to locate a member willing to undertake the task of sponsorship. Be patient, we have you on a list and will arrange for a sponsor as soon as possible.

Applicants must fill out the application form completely and forward it, along with payment of the application fee ($50.00) and the appropriate dues (found on the application form) to the attention of the club Treasurer. Applications must be complete, with all questions answered in full. The application may be mailed to the Treasurer’s attention at: SF&G Association, P. O. Box 952, Scarborough, ME 04070 or hand delivered to either a Board of Director’s Meeting or a General Membership Meeting. Incomplete applications will be returned.

Applications will be processed as soon as possible and released to our Membership Committee for action. Applicants will be contacted by our Membership Committee and provided with instructions to attend a General Membership Meeting for a “First Reading” and be introduced to the club membership. Only those Applicants specifically invited by the Membership Committee will receive their First Reading.