Indoor Range

The Indoor Range will be open Every Sunday from 9am – 2pm, January through April for members AND open to the public. The SCARF&G Indoor Range is a lead-free facility and absolutely no outside ammunition is allowed. Ammunition can be purchased at the indoor range counter.  There are NO rental fees.

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Phil Hamilton

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Indoor Range Safety Information

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SF&G Club Safety Rules

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Indoor Range Rules
  1. No one is allowed forward of the firing line except authorized Indoor Range personnel.
  2. There will be absolutely no lead based ammo used on this range.
  3. Only ammo supplied by the Indoor Range committee will be used.
  4. Handling or loading of firearms will be on the firing line only.
  5. Do not elevate or angle muzzle above a level position.
  6. No food, beverages or smoking materials on the range.
  7. Only targets approved by the Indoor Range Committee and will be used.
  8. Minors must be under direct adult supervision.
  9. Appropriate eye and ear protection must be worn while on the range or ready room.
  10. When a cease fire command is signaled or called shooters will stop shooting at once, firearms will be cleared, made safe and placed on the bench with actions open. Shooters may be required to leave the range at the request of range personnel.

* The Indoor Range committee supplies and governs all allowable ammunition. No ammunition other than that authorized shall be permitted in this facility. A breach of the lead-free policy is considered a safety and health risk which are taken very seriously and are subject to all SCARF&G policy. Breach(s) incident(s) shall be brought to the attention of an indoor range committee member.

Indoor Range Ammunition Price List

Ammunition Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Ammunition Prices: (All Ammunition sold is Lead-Free ammunition as required by Indoor Range Committee)

Caliber Each Member Non-Member Each Member Non-Member
.22LR BX $12 $14 N/A    
.380 BX $30 $31 1/2 BX $17 $18
9mm BX $28 $29 1/2 BX $15 $16
.38spl BX $31 $33 1/2 BX $18 $19
.40SW BX $32 $33 1/2 BX $15 $17
.45ACP BX $35 $36 1/2 BX $19 $20
22WMR BX $25 $26 1/2 BX $15 $16
Disposable Safety Glasses Each $2.00 each        


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