New shooters are welcome!

Hello and welcome! Below is our Scarborough Fish & Game IDPA event schedule. Please come and join us for another great season at Scarborough Fish & Game IDPA. If you have never shot an IDPA match before and would like to try your hand at this exciting action pistol sport, ask us how to begin!

Discipline Contacts

Mark Sontz – Chairperson/Match Director
Paul Martin – Co-chair/IDPA Chief Range Safety Officer
Mike Frelk – Treasurer/Secretary

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Upcoming Events

Introduction to IDPA Pistol Shooing Clinic (Main Clubhouse)

Clubhouse 21 Fish and Game Ln, Scarborough, ME, United States

Deadline for registration is September 7, 2024. More information on the clinic is available at, under the "Event - IDPA Pistol Shooting Clinic" section.

IDPA Safety Information

The IDPA ranges are intended for the use of handguns only. No rifles or shotguns are to be used in the IDPA ranges.

Targets are to be either paper or cardboard. No clay pigeon targets are to be used.

Vehicles are prohibited from the bays.  Please do not drive on the bays (This includes turning around in the entrance of a bay).


IDPA has released an updated rulebook (2024 rulebook).  All matches are running under the latest rulebook effective January 2024. The announcement of the new rules and rulebook can be found here.

Appendix carry is not approved for or allowed in IDPA match competition and shooting clinics. 

More information on safety coming soon!

SF&G Club Safety Rules


FAQs & New Shooter Info

IDPA Matches

IDPA Matches Start at 9:00am (unless otherwise specified)

Pre-Match Safety Briefing starts 15 minutes before the match

The pre-match safety briefing is mandatory for all shooters participating at SF&G IDPA events

2024 Match Fees: $25

All SF&G IDPA shooting events conform to standard cold range safety protocols

Registration for matches opens two weeks prior to the match on PractiScore. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this and pre-register if possible. Day of the match walk-in registration opens at 7:45am and closes at 8:30am

Introduction To IDPA Pistol Shooting Clinics

Our Introduction To IDPA Pistol Shooting Clinics are designed to help you learn the necessary skills to become a better IDPA shooter. These clinics fill up quickly so please pre-register soon. Pre-registration is required. Please click on the Introduction To IDPA Pistol Shooting Clinic link below under upcoming events, or for more information about this clinic contact us at

Event - IDPA Pistol Shooting Clinic


This is not a “basic pistol” clinic, but rather an intensive introduction to the competitive sport of IDPA action pistol shooting. This clinic is designed for those interested in expanding or improving their existing handgun skillset to become better IDPA action pistol shooters.

Please be comfortable, completely safe and more than passively familiar with your firearm and its operation prior to taking this clinic. Have recommended, appropriate and safe equipment (students arriving with equipment not specifically designed for their firearm will not be allowed to take the clinic. Please contact us if you have questions).

If you are new to pistol shooting, we can highly recommend SF&G’s NRA Basic Pistol, USCCA Concealed Carry, NRA Personal Protection in the Home and NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home courses, taught right here at SF&G by certified NRA and USCCA pistol instructors. You can contact our Chief Instructor Hank Wheat, (207-282-1851), for more information.

If you still have questions not answered below concerning the Introduction to IDPA Pistol Shooting Clinic, please contact Paul Martin or Mark Sontz at


The one day Introduction To IDPA Pistol Shooting Clinic is designed to introduce you to the principles, rules, structure and skills that set practical action pistol shooting, and IDPA in particular, apart from other handgun sports.

We will start promptly at 0800 hours the day of the clinic.

In the classroom and on the range we will cover the basics about IDPA. Below is a sample of the topics we will cover:

  • The significant differences between IDPA and other action pistol sports
  • The purposes and principles of IDPA and practical shooting in general
  • The difference between self-defense training and practical shooting competition
  • The structure of IDPA’s equipment divisions and skill level classifications
  • Equipment requirements and restrictions and how to tell what is and is not competition legal
  • The IDPA scoring system and how it relates to your actual performance on the range
  • In-depth lessons on IDPA’s safety rules and how a “Cold Range” (practical shootings’ basic safety environment) is structured
  • Range commands and match protocols
  • The rules of the game
  • Drawing from a holster with and without a concealment garment
  • Emergency (slide-lock) and magazine-retention reloads
  • Shooting on the move
  • Shooting strong-or support-hand only
  • Shooting from kneeling and prone positions
  • Shooting from behind cover
  • Techniques for clearing semi-automatic handgun malfunctions
  • The mechanics of engaging multiple targets at distances from arms-length out to 25 yards

By the end of the clinic you will have a thorough understanding of the rules and structure of IDPA competition, the safety environment under which IDPA participants operate and the mechanics of running a fighting handgun and keeping it running while on the clock. Upon completion of the Introduction To IDPA Pistol Shooting Clinic you will be well prepared with the knowledge and skills you will need to dive into the world of IDPA and action pistol shooting!


* SEMI-AUTO PISTOL or DOUBLE ACTION REVOLVER: 9mm/38spl. or larger caliber

* STRONG-SIDE BELT HOLSTER: Specifically designed for your pistol that covers the trigger completely and rides on a sturdy belt that passes through your belt loops. Strong-side belt holsters only. No shoulder, crossdraw, appendix carry or small of the back holsters.

* AMMUNITION: 200 rounds

* MAGAZINES, SPEED LOADERS, or MOON CLIPS: at least 3 (preferably 4 or more)


* MAGAZINE OR SPEED LOADER BELT POUCH: one that holds two magazines or speed loaders

* CONCEALMENT GARMENT: either a jacket or tactical vest that covers/conceals your handgun and magazines.



You may find it helpful to have read the IDPA rule book prior to arriving. This can be found online at Feel free to show up with a list of questions to ask. We’ll make sure you get answers.

If you have questions not answered above about the clinic, please contact Paul Martin or Mark Sontz at

The clinic starts at 0800 hours with registration opening at 0745 hours.

The cost of the clinic is $125.00. Pre-registration is required, including the $100.00 non-refundable registration fee (if you are a no-show for the clinic). The deadline for clinic registration is 2 weeks prior to the date of the clinic. We must have a minimum of six registered participants in order to conduct the clinic. If by the registration deadline we do not have six participants, we will contact you to determine if you want to roll your registration over to the next scheduled clinic or if you desire to have it returned.

Click on the attachment below to download the registration form.

Clinic participants need to provide their own lunch, snacks and beverages. Dress appropriately for the weather and don’t forget sun screen and bug spray.

Participants who successfully complete the clinic will be allowed to shoot their first Scarborough Fish & Game IDPA match for free.

IDPA Pistol Shooting Clinic – Registration Form (rev. 1/29/2024)

Event - GSSF Match

Scarborough Fish & Game is excited to host a GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation(GSSF) competition exclusively for GLOCK Pistols on Saturday, July 27th and Sunday, July 28th 2024. The course is simple and is great for beginning shooters. The total course consists of 3 stages of fire. Each shooter is required to furnish their ammo and must shoot the course with a Glock pistol. Seventy-eight rounds of ammo will be the minimum required to complete the courses. The shooter will not need a holster as you will start from the down ready position. For more information on the course of fire click the link below.

Click the link below for more information on the course of fire:

Shooters can avoid the walk up lines at the match and pre-register by clicking the link below and follow instructions on the registration form.

Click the link below for the registration form from the Glock website:

Match Contacts

  Contact Email
Chair Paul Martin
Co-Chair Mark Sontz
Chief Range Safety Officer Carl Dick
Campsite Coordinator Carl Dick

Area Hotels

Courtyard Marriott Portland Airport
100 Southborough Drive
South Portland, Maine 04106
Phone: 207-253-5005

Hampton Inn
171 Philbrook Avenue
South Portland, Maine 04106

Double Tree by Hilton
363 Maine Mall Road
South Portland, Maine 04106
Phone: 207-756-6505

Please book rooms directly with the area hotels

Food / Area Restaurants

Tuscan Table
390 Gorham Road
South Portland, Maine 04106

Sebago Brewing Co.
201 Southborough Drive
Scarborough, Maine 04074

Cracker Barrel
357 Maine Mall Road
South Portland, Maine 04106

Portland Pie Co.
400 Expedition Drive
Scarborough, ME 04074

Eventide Oyster Company
86 Middle Street
Portland, ME 04101

Portland Lobster Co.
180 Commercial Street
Portland, ME 04101

Finding Your Way

An aerial view of the club is shown below.
Parking will be in designated areas in front of the main clubhouse and at the Law Enforcement (LE) Rifle range.
Match registration will be located at the main clubhouse.
The match will be held on the IDPA bays.


SFG&A has 24 campsites on the property which are available to use for the duration of the match (pictured below) .
The sites have potable water, but do not have power.
Please contact Carl Dick at to reserve a campsite.

If you are just starting out in IDPA, be sure and see our New Shooters and Safety Briefing? pages as well. You will find the answers to many of your questions there. If you have read these pages and the Q/A below and still have questions, see our contact page and send us an email.


Q: Do your safety rules differ from those in the IDPA rulebook?
A: Yes. Due to requirements at SF&G our safety rules tend to be more strict than those in the IDPA rulebook.. For instance, one notable difference is that we utilize the ‘180-degree Rule’, and not IDPA’s ‘muzzle safe points’. Safety issues are taken very seriously at our events, and all competitors are expected to be 100% safe, 100% of the time. The staff at SF&G IDPA events will enforce our safety rules to the letter.


Some of the basic safety rules as enforced at SF&G IDPA shooting events can be found on the Safety Briefing page. It’s just really common sense. Don’t handle your gun outside the safe area, don’t point it anywhere except downrange and keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.


Q: Can I “slice the pie” when engaging targets from cover?
A: Yes, if done properly. The shooters lower body (feet and legs) must be 100% obscured from live/active targets when engaging. The upper body must be 50% obscured. This means that a shooter can move out from cover as targets are engaged, so long as the shooter is remaining properly obscured from the remaining targets. The exception to this is during the final stage of the classifier, where your feet must remain behind the barricade’s outer edges.


Q: Do I have to be an IDPA or SF&G member to shoot a match?
A: While you do not need to be a SF&G member to shoot with us, IDPA rules stipulate that you must be an IDPA member, or have a pending membership prior to shooting your second IDPA match. One exception to this is the IDPA Classifier. IDPA stipulates that only IDPA members may shoot the classifier course of fire. If you are not an IDPA member and would like to shoot in one of our Classifier matches, you may sign-up at the match and shoot the classifier course of fire. We will retain your score until you receive your membership number and Classification Record Card from IDPA. A Safety Officer that observed you shooting the classifier will then sign the card once you show your proof of membership.


Q: Do I have to be “classified” to shoot a match?
A: No you do not.


Q: Can I put my gear on at my car when I arrive?
A: No. Our cold-range rules apply to the entire SF&G IDPA area at our matches. This includes the parking areas and buildings. See the Safety Briefing page for more details on how this works. If you are still in doubt on match day please ask a Safety Officer when you arrive.


Q: How do I know if my equipment is legal?
A: The IDPA Equipment & Competition Rulebook has information on what equipment is legal for competition. The short of it is: no ‘competition-only’ equipment is allowed (no optical sights, compensators, or competition hosters) and equipment must be of the type that would normally be carried concealed for defensive purposes. We encouraged to read the IDPA Equipment & Competition Rulebook as there are several specific criteria that equipment must meet to be considered legal in IDPA competiton.Full-time law enforcement officers may compete with their duty gear as-worn. If you are still unsure after reading the IDPA Rulebook, please contact us.


Q: I’ve never shot a handgun before, but this sounds like fun. Can I join in?
A: You’re absolutely right, it is fun! However, IDPA shooting is pistol competition and as such it requires a certain level of proficiency and skill in order to participate safely. We encourage GSSFMatch shooters to seek basic pistol instruction from qualified instructors prior to attending these events. SF&G IDPA offers our Introduction To IDPA Pistol Shooting Clinic several times a year for those interested. SF&G also offers introductory handgun courses from NRA Certified Firearms Instructors. These courses would be perfect to get you started off on the right foot.


Q: Why do I have to attend this 1/2 hour safety briefing?
A: If you haven’t participated in an SF&G IDPA shooting event before, there are likely to be game-specific rules and procedures that you are not familiar with, even if you are highly proficient with your firearm. For this reason, we require everyone to attend this short but important orientation, given prior to every match.


Q: I took a Basic Pistol class and thought that IDPA would be a great way to learn some more practical defense-oriented skills. Should I sign up?
A: Please remember that IDPA is just a game. Participation in the sport of IDPA will most certainly help you to become a better shooter, but it is not defensive training. Some of the skills you will use may be applicable to actual life-threatening encounters, but many are not. We will make no distinction between what is and is not an appropriate life-saving skill or tactic at our matches or related courses. We strongly encourage you to seek professional, competent outside instruction if you own or carry a pistol for defense of yourself and others. You could think of IDPA as a training aid as opposed to actual training.


Q: Can I shoot more than one gun in a single match? Or one gun in more than one division?
A: We do allow competitors to shoot the course with a second gun. Competitors are limited to a single reshoot, and a second match fee applies. Please note that only your first run will count for score in the competition standings. Reshoots are allowed ONLY at the discretion of the match director, and it is possible that circumstances may not allow for a reshoot on a given day.

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